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davidblaineofficial asked:

How do I respond when people say "you dont act like a black person" or "youre pretty for a black girl" how do i explain its an insult


You could say, “Thanks for being a racist asshole, I really appreciate it.”

Seriously, though. You’re under absolutely no obligation to be polite to people who say that to you, but if you feel you must or are afraid to be blunt or aren’t in a social situation that allows for that, try something like this:

[“You’re pretty for a black girl.”]

"Thank you for the compliment. But please remember that being black doesn’t mean I can’t be pretty. When you say ‘you’re pretty for a black girl,’ you’re automatically implying that black people don’t have any sort of beauty, and that’s racist and it makes me uncomfortable."

[“You don’t act like a black person.”]

"I realize you mean that as a compliment, but it really bothers me. There’s no specific way all black people act, and when you say that there is, that’s racist and it makes me uncomfortable."

I’d personally tell the person that they’re a fucking racist asshole, but that’s me and I understand that not everyone is comfortable doing that, hence the alternatives. But you should know that responding to racism in a “rude” way is absolutely okay. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.









gif added

1. See logical argument.
2. Post gif response instead of counter
3. Cry male tears (tags)
4. Claim victory


1. See post that makes you not good feely.
2. Post list instead of counter.
3. Cry more tears.
4. Claim victory.


I’m actually laughing out loud this isn’t a “logical argument” an argument at least has some form of structured reasoning that leads to a conclusion

This is just a vague, whiny statement followed by an equally whiny and even less necessary comment

Anti SJWs/feminists have a formula they all follow:

Their thoughts=logical
Our thoughts=subjective, emotional, anecdotal, etc.

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